Why Buy A Deep Cycle Battery

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:13 May 2020 

Deep cycle battery is a must have for outdoor activities like marine, camping, travelling. Power supply for 4WD vehicles, caravans,campers, trailers, motor homes, saltwater marine applications, and 12V appliances including portable fridges, 12V compressors, fans, heater and washers.

Deep cycle batteryHaving a spare battery when you travel is always comforting.

Batteries that are a few years old are unpredictable a sudden cold snap and they are gone with nothing else to power your car or equipments.



A Deep cycle battery with a box can power up a host of 12V devices including:

- Camping lights 

- Portable fridges with its cigarette lighter socket 

- Mobile phones and tablets with the two USB ports.



Dep cycle battery box have all the connections including quick-connect Anderson plugs that allow you to be charge the battery using solar panels or any power source. All you need to do is connect to the deep cycle battery terminals and it is good to go.

They also have protective and monitoring devices.


Deep Cycle batteries are designed to withstand repeated charge and recharge cycles and so are more reliable than power bank using CLA batteries.


Deep Cycle AGM batteries main advantages are:

- No maintenance

- Completely sealed against fumes or leakage, 

- They never need topping up with water.

- They can be safely mounted inside a boat, car, caravan, motorhome, or any recreational vehicle.

- Due to their very low internal resistance AGM Deep cycle batteries can fully charge at a lower voltage,

- They accept a much larger load charge current.

- Reduced charging time from a standard car/truck alternator, these batteries may be fully charged, in about three hours!

- AGM batteries can also be discharged 'deeper' than conventional deep cycle batteries without major damage.


Determining the size of the battery that you require to power your equipments, The size and type of Deep Cycle battery required is dependent on the application and conditions of use. It is important to ensure there is sufficient battery capacity to power the equipment being used.

List the equipment and devices you wish to power using your Deep Cycle battery - including their power consumption (in watts) and their estimated usage time (hours).

The power consumption of a device will be listed in either Watts or Amps. This information can usually be found via a sticker on the rear of the device, a tag on the power cable, or from specifications listed on the manufacturer's website.

If your device only lists the power consumption in Amps, this can easily be converted to Watts by multiplying by 12.

Example: 1.5 Amps  x  12  =  18 Watts

When using a deep cycle battery across multiple days, it is important to consider the amount of power you'll need to put back into the battery to ensure continued operation.

Overall the main benefit is that AGM class battery will last anywhere from four to seven years.

With a box they are more portable to where you want which can be useful to power a 12V compressor or other power tool you can also connect an inverter.


deep cycle battery


With multiple other applications


Deep cycle battery

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