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Our company JRAutofix (ABN 18 659 908 229)

Here at JRAutofix we are a fast growing Australian retail and wholesale supplier of automotive aftermarket products having previously gain experience in various sector of the automotive industry ranging from bicycles to trucks and even gas turbines engine for helicopter also reinforce by our international experience having worked in different countries like Germany, France, UK, US.

We have a strong technical knowledge and we know our product back to front.

We offer technical advice and support before and after sale. 

We have helped thousands of customers to save on car repair and maintenance cost.

We provide car accessories to make your life easier.

Our tools allow customers to manage vehicles more efficiently, monitor any parameters they've been missing and diagnose engines and battery issues and keep your cars on the road running at their optimum. 

We provide technical information with our product to insure that you can get make the most of your purchase and DIY.

We stock a range of products including automotive tools and accessories. Providing the latest and greatest innovations, we have your car maintenance needs covered.


We offer:

- Top quality products

- Customer support

- 60-days money back guarantee

- Specific DIY Instructions and Best Practice Procedure


Product are carefully selected to meet customer need and we insure top quality.


Our Business is run following Lean Manufacturing principles to achieve optimal performance and services to our customer.