What can cause the brake warning light to come on the dashboard?

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:31 July 2019 

Brake warning light Brake warning light is a signal that something is wrong with your braking system and that your vehicle has become unsafe to drive. but you can easily re mediate it ...

Dashboard light are serious warning for your car and your safety.

If you have the brake warning light comes on on the dashbord it could happen for a variety of reasons maily due to: 


  • Brake pad wear 
  • Low level of brake fluid 

In the case of brake pad wear you might also ear a noise.

You need to get the pads replaced but you could have damaged the disk so the disk might have to be replaced too.

For the low level of brake fluid you might want to investigate why it's low because the level shouldn't change unless there is a leak in the system.

The leak can come from a connection, the reservoir or one of the cylinder which could have worn seal inside.

These 2 issues need to be adress immediately in order to keep you car safe on the road.


Other potential reasons for the brake light to come on:  

Electrical open circuit which could be due to a connection problem or broken wire.

Parking brake not released 

Parking brake sensor not working or need a mechanical adjustment 


In the case of the fuse blown it's neccessariy to investigate the reason why it happen as they could have been shortcut in the system.


In order to prevent damage and save on cost you need to watch for the signs:

  • Brake pedal becoming softer
  • Reduced brake efficiency
  • Noise
  • Vibration when pushing the brakes


The brake system is a critical part of vehicle safety if the dashboard light comes on it need to be addressed immediately.

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