How to Make Your Tyres Last Longer

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:31 October 2019 

How to Make Your Tyres Last LongerCar tyres play a vital role in your safety on the road .

They have to adhere to the road to keep you safe and they hold you car stable on the road. Tyres in bad condition can affect your driving, your braking performance and your fuel consumption.

Tyres wear naturally due to the friction with the road and the absorption of effort received from the car when driving and occasionally you can hit something on the road.


Other important factor that would affect your tyres wear is the alignment of the wheels and the angles adjustment with your axles.


You can also get punctured tyres.  


Finally changing a wheel on the side of the road is something we should avoid so there is plenty of reasons for looking after your tyres and prevent further issues.


In fact doing regular checks of your wheel will save you money as if you can pick up early enough a wear starting on your tyres. 


Depending on how much you are driving it’s worth to do some visual checks from time to time.


Depending of the wear you find different corrective action need to be taken.



What to look for and signs that some maintenance are required:


  • Inflation (Tyre Pressure)
  • Missing cap
  • Puncture
  • Thread wear depth gauge
  • Cuts on the side of the tyre
  • Vibration when driving
  • Car pulling on one side off the road
  • Check spare wheel condition and make sure that you have all the tools to replace a wheel



What you might find and possible corrective action:

  • Tyre thread worn on one side            >  Tyre rotation or tyre replacement
  • Wear in the middle of the tyre            > Tyre inflation to be corrected
  • Car vibration                                      > Wheel Balancing and alignement
  • Puncture                                            > Repair kit if available > Replace with Spare
  • Cut on the side of the tyre                 > Replace with spare wheel
  • Wheel damage                                  > Wheel repair and alignment check
  • Car pulling on one side off the road  > Wheel alignment and avoid curbs



Note: All these check should be performed on a flat surface with hand brake on.


The real benefit in doing these checks and taking the proper corrective actions is that you will able to keep your tyre longer.

As if you let your tyres wearing for too long the only option will be to replace them. Also to be safe, you always have to keep with the same set of four matching tyres.


Tool suggestion:  12V Air compressor, tyre repair Kit.


5 Tyre rotation is the best way to maximise the use of your tyre as they will wear more evenly and last longer.     



5 tyre rotation

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