Cold Air Intake Kit For More Engine Performance

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:8 August 2019 

Air filter for a more efficient engine.
To convert fuel into mechanical energy, cold air intakes are responsible for allowing oxygen into the fuel. When there is not enough air, the engine uses up more fuel and cannot run at peak performance and overheat.

Cold Air Intake Kit is a small modification to your engine's air intake which doesn't require specific knowledge.
The temperature and the amount of air can affect the efficiency of your car 's engine. 

Cold air intake kits, can lead to higher performance and engine efficiency, based on the idea that colder air is denser than warm air, which means that it contains more of that necessary oxygen for a more dynamic combustion in the engine.

Also your engine would run slightly cooler as you will reduce your fuel/air ratio and so your fuel consumption.

The use of performance filter (conical shape) ad to the improvement of the air suction into the engine.
They allow a better amount of air into the engine. They are also cleanable.

Another benefit of cold Air intakes is that it can also increase the engine’s responsiveness when faster acceleration when required.


More than this, these air intakes also offer enhanced sound that many car enthusiasts find appealing. 
Purchasing a new air intake is a great way to take your vehicle to the next level and save money.

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