Can I charge a second battery with my car?

Safe and easy way to connect 2 batteries in your car. A Dual battery isolator switch allow you to automatically manage a dual battery system charge and discharge.

One battery in your car these days might not be enough to support all equipment and electronic that we want to operate (Fridge, CB Radio, Computer ….) and if you travel long distances it’s always better to have 2 batteries available in case one fail.


Fortunately an easy and safe way to set up a dual battery system is to use a smart Battery Isolator units that are ideal to manage a dual battery set-ups as they enable two batteries to be charged and protected against discharge.



This system isolates the batteries from each other when the vehicle is turned off, ensuring your starting battery is always charged & ready to go.


Battery isolators prevent your secondary battery draining your main battery. Microprocessor controlled, dual battery isolator are designed to protect the start battery from excessive discharge while allowing the auxiliary battery to supply charge to non-essential loads.



When your engine is on and the start battery is sufficiently charged the isolator kit will begin charging the second (auxiliary) battery simultaneously.



How it works:

When the engine is started and the start battery reaches 13.7v, the isolator engages, allowing two battery banks (start and house) to be charged simultaneously. When the voltage drops below 12.8v (eg the engine is stopped), the isolator disengages, separating both batteries. Manual remote override feature: Yellow wire provided is connected with an external switch (unlock switch) on vehicle panel (Note: COM terminal of Switch must be ground ). Switch can immediately (no delay) engage or disengaged battery isolator with manual switch in any case of battery voltage input.


Use of the Emergency Override (Yellow Wire)
Connecting the wire to battery negative (or chassis) will force the relay to close, regardless of
the voltage of the starting battery. The main purpose of this is to allow the vehicle to be
started from auxiliary battery if the starter battery is flat.


So you can get the most out of your batteries with smart dual battery isolators. Used primarily in 4WD and commercial vehicles, smart dual battery isolators are designed to significantly extend battery life and safely charge your auxiliary battery.



Suitable for 12VDC Marine, 4WD, caravan and solar applications.




Dual battery isolator kit are easy to install and compact in size, coming with a detailed guide.

It comes with everything you need to install your isolator, so you can just plug in and play.


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