How To Clean Your Car Against Corona Virus

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:19 March 2020 

What you should do to free your car from corona virus. Prevent corona virus spread in your car doing a few simple steps...

car free virusEvery one talking about social distancing and hand cleaning, but often forgotten your car can quickly become a  breeding ground for so many germs and virus and it’s where the virus can be transported to your home and spread between peoples, it’s important to implement new practices keep it Free of germs and viruses.

As items packaging you buy in shops that you carry in your car could be affected you need to be careful, studies are telling us that the virus could live on surfaces up to 4 days it’s better to take actions.

Fortunately there is easy way to do it, the immediate actions are:

  • Before entering your car makes sure you have cleaned your hands, after shopping use alcohol gel.
  • All surfaces in your car that come in contact with your hand should be cleaned (door handle outside and inside the car, seat belt, wheel, gear lever, radio, buttons, screen, air conditioning, keys, phone holder)

But to prevent the contamination you should:

  • Remove everything that you do not require in your car
  • Remove all the trash
  • Vacuum
  • Clean all surfaces including windows (inside)


Some products that you already have at home can be used for cleaning inside your car, but be careful to use product too strong that could damage plastic or seats with vinyl or leather (read manufacturer label before use).

You can wipe down surfaces or use a spray that kills germs and viruses.

Another area to watch for is the carpets, floors are also where you can collect and spread germs and viruses transporting them with your foot.  

I would also recommend avoiding to much ventilation and air conditioning as it’s a way of spreading germs and viruses inside the car.

In order to protect your family, proper sanitation of your vehicle should be a top priority.

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