How to care for your car during confinment

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:15 April 2020 

Discover the maintenance and checks to perform to avoid any surprise when restarting your car after confinement.

car maintenance

During this period of confinment everything has changed so quickly even your transportation need.

But if you leave your car in the garage for too long it will generate potential break down.

so in this article we want to highlight what to do to prevent any issue when you will need to use your car as usual.


It's also the perfect opportunity to perform some car maintenance that could be overdue.


1.First if possible leave your car inside a garage or cover it to protect from the weather.

The most likely problem you will find after leaving your car unused for a few weeks is the battery getting flat.

To prevent this to happen its best advised to disconnect the + terminal of your battery. 

2. Hand brake it's better to release it to avoid to much pressure which could affect the spring and brake shoe could get stack open on the drum.

To do it safely use wheels chocks to block the wheels.

3. Allow air circulation through the car to avoid moisture and mold forming. For this slightly open windows.

4. Protect your whippers, after a while without moving the whippers will get stuck to the screen.

So you can place something soft between the whippers and the screen.

5. Check your tyres, they might loose pressure while parked for a while.

Other recommendation would be to get the engine running twice a week for 15 minutes to get all mechanical parts movings again and getting to temperature.


Depending how long since the last service you could:

- Replace the engine oil and oil filter

- Check all the fluid level (coolant, brake fluid)

- Use a battery charger to give your battery a full charge

- Inspect and clean the air filter

- Check all your lights


Finally clean the inside seats,dashboard, floor, plastic specially important these days with bacteria viruses. 









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