Why Should I Get A Jump Starter Power Bank ?

Author: JRAutofix  Date Posted:15 January 2020 

Convenience of a jump starter power bank.

jump starter power pack portablePortable Jump Starter is a convenient accessory to have while the obvious choice is for people travelling and for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

It’s becoming quite useful to use at home allowing you to use your phone, Ipad, Laptop with a flat battery and not requiring you to be close to a power point

Jump Starters are originally designed to be a quick fix for emergency situations.If you’ve had a flat battery you don’t need jumper leads to hook to another car’s battery.

Car battery last between 3 to 5 Years, other reasons for a flat battery are a light as been left on during the night (internal or external light).  

Jump starter are safer to use with less connection and no need for a second vehicle.

This make it a faster process to restart a car with a flat battery and anywhere you are !

But now with the improved battery technology you can use a much smaller jumper pack to do this job.

Jump starters use to have a SLA Battery (Sealed Lead Acid) which is bigger and heavier now the new generation jump starter use Lithium batteries.

Jump starters power pack are multifunctional and compact allowing to be used in different ways and offering more convenience meaning that you don’t have to be close to a power point and you can still use your device and charge it at the same time.

jump starter power pack

Some of the latest power pack have also a 240V inverter and can be charged in 3 different way either using:

  • Solar panel
  • 240V AC
  • 12V in-car



power bank portable


As today more and more devices are powered by a battery it make sense to have a jump starter power pack available to keep powering your devices an echo friendly way.

They can replace a generator without the noise and the smoke.

Most recommended to buy a jump starter that has a battery providing 600 Amp and 18000 mAh as they are the more efficient and will last longer.



 Portable jump starters Power pack are affordable, safe to use and they are compact they can fit in your vehicles glove box.

With multipurpose usage and offering an echo friendly solution.

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