Portable Fridge

Portable Fridge Freezer Cooler Camping Car 4WD Truck Boat.


As you can imagine ...  with travelling with Motorhome, Caravan, 4x4, Trailler or Camping situation, it's always enjoyable to have a cool drink available.



So in my opinion ...  having a Portable Fridge Freezer to allow you to enjoy your Trip any times is paramount.


Far more than your average Portable Fridge Freezer this Unique and Portable unit has a Good capacity  will fit  bottles of white wine or 2L bottle of milk. It is extremely low noise and uses full foam insulation to keep it lightweight and portable.


Handy to Store frozen Food.


12/24 VDC and 240 VAC Powered, so it's simply a matter of connecting to your cars cigarette lighter socket and switch on.


A portable cooling solution whether you're camping, fishing, having a family picnic.

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